Blockchain Potential in Tilapia Supply Chain in Ghana

Journal Title: Acta Technica Jaurinensis - Year 2018, Vol 11, Issue 2


In a country like Ghana where Tilapia is the most preferred and cheapest source of animal protein, closer attention must be paid to the supply chain of such a product. This paper examines the major issues and problems in Tilapia supply chain and logistics in Ghana, and it suggests the intervention of the new and disruptive technology of blockchain.  Blockchain technology can have the potential to revolutionize the supply chain of Tilapia in Ghana and bring many advantages to the flow of Tilapia from farmers till the end consumers. Besides, it highlights the role of blockchain in ensuring food safety and in rebuilding a trustful network of Tilapia distribution between producers and customers. A model of Tilapia supply chain based on blockchain technology will be exhibited and explained to provide relative solutions to supply chain management processes of Tilapia.

Authors and Affiliations

Abderahman Rejeb


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