Concept, essence an content of professional training of special task force police officers


In the article theoretical bases of professional training of policemen. Define the concept of professional training of employees of divisions of police of special purpose, which is proposed to be considered as a system of measures aimed at obtaining, consolidating and updating specific knowledge and skills necessary for the successful execution of operational service and combat missions, special operations, raising the level of preparedness of the police to perform professional tasks and responsibilities by acquiring new knowledge and skills within the profession or area of expertise. Training police units and special purpose connected with the formation of persons of ordinary and commanding structure of the National police of Ukraine special knowledge and skills aimed at successful implementation of operational service and service-combat missions to ensure public safety and order, protection of the rights and freedoms of the person, special operations, and the like. Defined the essence and the content of professional training of staff of divisions of special police, which includes initial training; training in higher education institutions with specific conditions of training; education and job training. The last component of the police training includes: functional, General profile, tactical, fire and physical training. It is proposed to Supplement the official police training is another integral element of psychological preparation. The essence of police training of special purpose units is disclosed in its objectives, which by the way was not adequately addressed in the existing legislation. A study of the views of scientists on the content of the tasks of professional training of policemen of the special purpose units, as well as the analysis branch of the police legislation convinced of the necessity of their division into: 1) General (a peculiarity lies in the fact that they, firstly, affect all, without exception, persons of ordinary and commanding structure of the National police of Ukraine; second, associated with the formation of the persons of ordinary and commanding structure of the National police of Ukraine General knowledge and skills with legal, economic, political, managerial, social, humanitarian, ethical and others that are indirectly related to the profession of the police, questions) and 2) special (reflect the essence of professional training of the relevant category of police).

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Yuriy Bereza


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