Correlation of mucocutaenous manifestations of HIV infection with the degree of immunosupression in children

Journal Title: Medpulse International Journal of Pediatrics - Year 2018, Vol 7, Issue 2


Background: Skin is commonly involved in HIV infection. Dermatological manifestations in HIV patients tend to be more severe, may manifest atypically, are often resistant to treatment, and tend to have a high rate of recurrence. Aim and objective: To correlate mucocutaneous manifestations of HIV infection with the degree of immunosuppression in children. Material and method: 102 children affected by HIV were included in the study. Data collection was done with pretested questionnaire. Data included gender, age, mode of transmission of HIV from parent to child, time of onset of skin manifestations and clinical examination. A complete one-time dermatologic examination of the skin, mucosae, hair and nail was performed. The diagnosis of cutaneous disorders were made clinically and confirmed by appropriate laboratory investigations. Results and Discussion: Our study of 102pediatric HIV population with skin manifestation show peak incidence between 6 to 12 years with 86.27 %. Only 4.90% of total patients present in 0 to 3 yrs, youngest being 2 yrs of old. Mucocutaenous manifestations of HIV infection increases with incrased immunosupression in children.

Authors and Affiliations

Shishir Mirgunde, Bhavesh Shah, Rahul Kabra


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Shishir Mirgunde, Bhavesh Shah, Rahul Kabra (2018). Correlation of mucocutaenous manifestations of HIV infection with the degree of immunosupression in children. Medpulse International Journal of Pediatrics, 7(2), 33-37.