Health behaviours of students in the light of selected conditioning

Journal Title: Medycyna Ogólna i Nauki o Zdrowiu - Year 2014, Vol 20, Issue 3


Health behaviours are the main category of lifestyle, and refer to all human activities that affect health and well-being. Polish people believe that passive forms of health care should be implemented, such as adequate nutrition, regular visits to a doctor, avoiding stressful situations and smoking cigarettes. In our country, research on the pro- and anti-health behaviours are also conducted among students. The results are not satisfactory. The aim of the analyses in the article was to verify the correlation between the health behaviours of students and selected determinants: gender, level of physical activity and study specialty. The tests were carried out using a diagnostic survey using a questionnaire technique, and the research instrument was Behavioral Health Catalogue (IZZ). The studies were carried out in 2009 among students from the second and third year of pedagogy, physiotherapy, tourism and recreation, and physical education from the Saint Cross University in Kielce. The study group ultimately included 664 respondents (361 females and 303 males) selected in a random-stratified way. The results showed that physiotherapy students received the highest average level indicator of health behaviours, while students of tourism and recreation – the lowest. Respondents with a low level of physical activity achieved the lowest average in all categories of health behaviours. Comparing males and females, a higher average level indicator of health behaviours was obtained by females. After analyzing the data, it may be concluded that universities should be actively involved in the promotion and popularization of health behaviours.

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Justyna Palacz


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