Health causes for making a decision about long-term incapability for work in people deported to USSR during the period 1940–1956

Journal Title: Medycyna Ogólna i Nauki o Zdrowiu - Year 2014, Vol 20, Issue 4


[b]introduction[/b]. In accordance to the Act of 24 January 1991 in the Matter of Combatants and Other Victims of War Repressions and Post-War Period, people deported by force to the USRR in during the period 1940 – 1956 can apply for health benefit. [b]objective[/b]. The objective of the study was socio-medical assessment of long-term incapability for work in relation with the deportation by force to the USRR, among people who for the first time applied for health benefit to the Social Insurance Agency, Branch in Szczecin in 1998. [b]material and methods[/b]. The research material was obtained from medical decision making documents contained in the anonymous questionnaires completed by randomly selected respondents. [b]results[/b]. The main health causes for making a decision concerning incapability for work were: degenerative joint disease concerning the spine and the spinal vertebrae – 27.0%, general arteriosclerosis – 23.0% and mental illnesses – 22.7%. [b]conclusions[/b]. Diseases, wounds and injuries experienced during the period of deportation were undoubtedly the distant cause of the intensification of pathological processes which constituted a basis for making decision concerning incapability for work in relation with the deportation.

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Zofia Gronowska


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