Implementation of health education in schools – in opinions of teachers

Journal Title: Medycyna Ogólna i Nauki o Zdrowiu - Year 2012, Vol 18, Issue 3


As a result of the transformation of the Polish school system, for the first time in history, health education occupies a meaningful place in educational documents. In practice, however, there are several problems with its practical implementation.The objective of the study was the presentation of teachers’ opinions concerning the level of implementation of health education at school.The study covered 307 teachers from 37 schools of different types from the Opole Region, and was conducted by means of a diagnostic survey with the use of a self-designed questionnaire.The study showed that the teachers examined confirmed various actions by schools and that health promotion programmes are being carried out at schools which are supported by school management.Teachers who had a shorter period of employment (employed for less than 10 years) evaluated health education at schools in more negative terms than their older colleagues.Nearly a half of the teachers did not show interest in health education at school. They were not able to mention the name of any health promotion programme implemented at their school.Health education will be implemented in practice provided that teachers employed at schools have a high level of competence in this field. At present, there is an urgent need for educating leaders, socio-cultural animators, and promoters of health – not only during pedagogical studies, but also for the further improvement of qualifications.Key words: health education, teachers, school, level of implementation

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Paweł F. Nowak


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