Making efficient the forest conservation system (From the viewpoint of Guilan natural resources employers)

Journal Title: International Research Journal of Applied and Basic Sciences - Year 2012, Vol 3, Issue 6


The importance of conservation and protection of forest as a main part of ecosystem, major preventing factor from disorganization of natural balance circle, soil erosion and an effective element in water refinement and air ventilation is obvious for everyone in the present time. but this God-given entity, because of overdeveloping of farmland and seasonal pasture ,non-organized(unplanned) utilization(harvesting) of trees for fuels ,unwise usage has been unjustly ignored and destructed .A surface glance on this issue will lead us to a conclude that thousand of hectares of natural resources fields especially surrounding the cities and villages besides the roads are in critical if not endangered conditions. Based on these, a study was done under the title of “the survey of making efficient the forest conservation system in Guilan province from the view point of Guilan natural resources employers “.this study aims at finding answers for following questions : What are effective methods of making efficient the forest conservation system? And how can it be fully used by considering its actual and potential facilities? The purpose of this study was the survey and analysis of making efficient the forest conservation system from the view point of Guilan natural resources employers. This research intended to come up with the following detailed objectives: a) The investigation and survey of ways of activating and making efficient the forest observation system, recognition of obstacles, limitation and potential and actual facilities. b) Conservation forest as a basic constituent of life and socio-economy activities and the main factor of production and agriculture. c) Balancing various ecosystems and conserving plant genetic reservoirs. d)Principled and true connection between environment and human beings by using responsible human resources, appropriate instrument, suitable financial level related rules and the cooperation of related organization. the method of research was field-descriptive .population size for this research were all of Guilan natural resources employers entailing ,157 experts (93 certified experts ,28 under-contract experts and 36 master experts)and 219 guards (59 rangers, 99 woodsmen ,28 master woodsmen and 33 director woodsmen)and 8 persons as manager of Guilan cooperation companies which were totally 384 persons. The sampling for this research was categorical random sampling. Statistical samples for present study have been determined by using of Kerjeci and Morgan’s table determined 196 persons. Two methods were used for data collections for the study namely library and field (questionnaire) method. The instrument for data collection was a questionnaire, made of 34 5-item questions based on Linkert scale. The collected data in this research have been analyzed by descriptive statistic (frequency distribution table, graph, calculation of frequency and frequency percentage and referential statistics (2). The results revealed that all hypotheses had been accepted, in other words there was significant, meaningful and positive relationship between responsible labor force (human resources), having appropriate instrument, appropriate investing, approving proper rules for forest conservation and commitment in their implementation, and coordination among related organizations as independent variable and efficiency– making conservation system as a dependent variable.

Authors and Affiliations

Mohammad Hadi Asgari| Department of Business management, Tonekabon branch, Islamic Azad, University, Tonekabon , Mazandaran , Iran,[email protected]


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