Multi-GPU based framework for real-time motion analysis and tracking in multi-user scenarios

Journal Title: EAI Endorsed Transactions on Creative Technologies - Year 2015, Vol 2, Issue 2


Video processing algorithms present a necessary tool for various domains related to computer vision such as motion tracking, event detection and localization in multi-user scenarios (crowd videos, mobile camera, scenes with noise, etc.). However, the new video standards, especially those in high definitions require more computation since their treatment is applied on large video frames. As result, the current implementations, even running on modern hardware, cannot provide a real-time processing (25 frames per second, fps). Several solutions have been proposed to overcome this constraint, by exploiting graphic processing units (GPUs). Although they exploit GPU platforms, they are not able to provide a real-time processing of high definition video sequences. In this work, we propose a new framework that enables an efficient exploitation of single and multiple GPUs, in order to achieve real-time processing of Full HD or even 4K video standards. Moreover, the framework includes several GPU based primitive functions related to motion analysis and tracking methods, such as silhouette extraction, contours extraction, corners detection and tracking using optical flow estimation. Based on this framework, we developed several real-time and GPU based video processing applications such as motion detection using moving camera, event detection and event localization

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Sidi Ahmed Mahmoudi


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