Multicultural Elements in Press Advertisements – an Analysis of Newsweek Poland

Journal Title: Journal of Intercultural Management - Year 2012, Vol 4, Issue 4


Advertisements are an essential element of marketing and strongly connected with our daily life. Now, in our modern time, the definition of advertisement is changing. Advertisements are becoming not only an instrument for the promotion of products, but also of political parties and cultural events, and even of educational lessons. Marketing advertisements very often use slogans and pictures which are generally recognizable and accepted by consumers. In this way producers and advertisers efficiently influence potential consumers. An analysis of advertisements from Newsweek Polska shows that only a few of them take into account elements of foreign culture, or even our national traditional culture. Could this be clear evidence that in our country the elements of foreign culture are still not recognizable in the eyesof consumers?

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Grzegorz Ignatowski


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