Narratology of Symbolism Based On Stream Of Consciousness in V.Woolf's To the Lighthouse and Maroufy's Symphony of Dead

Journal Title: Journal of Science and today’s world - Year 2013, Vol 2, Issue 12


This paper tries to present a new perspective in the comparative literature especially in field of the modern and postmodern literature which can have a great deal of influence on other literary works. It is a great honor that in this conference I try to compare to masterpieces of literature from east and west of the world. Abbass Maroufy's Symphony of Dead and Virginia Woolf is To the Light house. The analysis presented here considers this in light of the potential relationship(s) between gender and narrativity in Woolf's To the Lighthouse and Maroufy's Deads Symphony . This article critically re-examines some of the research in this area and, by taking an integrative stance, begins to raise questions about new ways in the both of these masterpieces which feminist narratology might be taken forward. Feminist text analysis (of which the study of narrative might be considered a part) has need to reflect the ‘critical rethinking’ that has taken place in feminist theory and feminist linguistic analysis [p. 235]. Example of this is Peter Brooks’s opposition of the ‘male plot of ambition’ and the ‘female plot of endurance’.

Authors and Affiliations

Kiyan Pishkar , Ali Naderi Shojaei , Nooshin Nasery


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