Norwid a sprawa chińska. O konieczności współpracy


The book by Krzysztof Andrzej Jeżewski “Cyprian Kamil Norwid and the thought and poetry of the Middle Kingdom” (“Cyprian Kamil Norwid a myśl i poetyka Kraju Środka”, Warszawa 2011) is an interdisciplinary position. It is interesting for Norwidologists and sinologists, historians of nineteenth-century literature and historians of Polish science. The review article presents problems associated with the assessment of the book. Firstly, a problem of clear understanding of what type of text one is dealing with. Secondly, a problem of research workshop; and thirdly, the method of conducting discourse. Neither the Author, nor his reviewers consulted the text with sinologists, which might have eliminated many simple mistakes and omissions; problems with this particular work therefore are a symptom of a wider issue of insufficient interdisciplinary cooperation.

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Bogdan Zemanek


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