Online learning challenges and opportunities in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in developing countries

Journal Title: Thesis - Year 2020, Vol 9, Issue 2


The rapid development of information technology has influenced the change of concepts of the learning environment. Today, educational institutions are increasingly focused on teaching through technology. Many universities around the world are practicing online learning thanks to the use of technology and broadband capacity that developed countries have implemented in their core and access infrastructures. Seeing the benefits of learning through technology, developing countries are also seriously considering using the benefits of technology for learning. However, there are some challenges that need to be overcome, especially in developing countries, such as poor network infrastructure, lack of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) knowledge, poor content development, and so on. This gap is seen not only between countries, but also within countries. In this paper, we will discuss the main challenges and opportunities that online learning brings in HEIs in developing countries, with emphasis in Kosovo.

Authors and Affiliations

William Butler, Arianit Maraj & Jusuf Qarkaxhija


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