The ‘new’ invisible Landscapes of Covid-19

Journal Title: Thesis - Year 2020, Vol 9, Issue 2


The landscape is the result of the relationship between the perception of a subject and an object. Such phenomena, in times of Covid-19, assume a new ‘invisible’ form, where the microscopic dimension re-orients our way of using the space, influencing a consolidated idea of the landscape. Everywhere, at the first alarm, some form of self-protection will be triggered, making the ‘ordinary’ landscapes uncomfortable and potentially dangerous. However, there is also something positive in this unforeseen critical period. It is the emergence of territories able to play an antagonistic role in the spread of coronavirus. Spaces that were more marginalized territorial forms can now assume a unique, central role. The residual and enclosed space of large metropolitan areas appears as the centre of a new landscape design hypothesis, where new grounds impose themselves as antagonists to the dynamics that represent the crisis of our territories.

Authors and Affiliations

Andrea Oldani


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