Present scenario of knowledge management effectuation in the national library of Bangladesh: A study

Journal Title: Journal of Multidisciplinary Sciences - Year 2019, Vol 1, Issue 2


The primary goal of this paper includes finding out systems used in National Library of Bangladesh (NLB) to confine the created knowledge and investigate the library officers’ views of knowledge management (KM). Survey method has been used for this present study. The staff of NLB was purposively chosen for this study. For data collection a questionnaire was sent to the 12 officers of NLB. The study revealed that NLB record their tacit knowledge by keeping in mind and 36.4% recorded their knowledge by taking notes. Maximum number of respondents replied that KM is important and relevant in NLB but need to update regularly in the library. The study identified that KM may bring benefits for the organization and the response rate regarding this was 100%. This research is restricted in its span and data was collected from only twelve library officers of NLB by applying questionnaire survey. The paper proposes that library users and staffs of NLB need to broaden their understanding, and need to modify their usual mindset and to concern about holistic approach of KM system design by giving attention on various types of knowledge i.e. explicit and tacit knowledge. This research explored the unique views of library officers on the topic of KM in libraries.

Authors and Affiliations

Sheikh Mamun Mostofa, Nazmin Sultana


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