Problem wartościowania dokumentacji elektronicznej jako zasobu źródeł historycznych dla przyszłych badaczy dziejów XXI wieku

Journal Title: Wschodni Rocznik Humanistyczny - Year 2017, Vol 0, Issue 4


The article is designed to draw attention to the consequences of which we may be exposed as a result of withdrawing from the valua­tion of electronic documentation or inability to carry out the selection. The problem of valuation of the electronic documentation in the era of modern society based on knowledge is a very difficult and extremely important is­sue. Actually, archivists have always been forced to select the most valuable archives that were to remain available to historians as a source of informa­tion about past years. The archivist should anticipate what information will be needed to historians after 50, 100 or even 500 years. Some archival theo­rists suggest that it is essentially an unimaginably complex task. Maybe even simply impossible. On the other hand, the question seems to be, do we re­ally have to store everything, because the computer systems allow us to do so? How did the computer and information systems influence a new type of historical sources? Creating documents using a computer affects the basic functions of archives, that is: collection, development and sharing. It should be remembered that today we select the documentation due to the exist­ing subject file index, which divide the documentation into archival materi­als and non-archival documentation. When the problem of durability of the digital recording will be resolved, the era of ease of keeping unimaginably great information will come.

Authors and Affiliations

Małgorzata Szabaciuk


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