Proposition of a Macro Health Index in the World

Journal Title: Journal of Economics, Finance and Management Studies - Year 2020, Vol 3, Issue 03


This article provides an aggregated indicator of health in the world from a macroeconomic perspective. Using World Bank Data Based on a sample of 178 countries and regions covering the period 1995-2014, we adopt the principal component analysis (PCA) to estimate the new indicator. The main results are as follows: the new indicator belongs to -5.375 and 4.239, where -5.375 is the score recorded by the worst-ranked country while 4.239 is the highest score recorded. In 2014, 69% of the sample have an index greater than the average of zero because of the normalization of data in ACP. The remaining 31% are mainly found in Africa, mostly in the Sub-Saharan regions.

Authors and Affiliations

Rodrigue N Tchoffo, Dany T Dombou, Achille T Tanga, Guivis Z Nkemgha


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