Rehabilitation of patients with intestinal stoma

Journal Title: Medycyna Ogólna i Nauki o Zdrowiu - Year 2015, Vol 21, Issue 1


[b]Introduction and aim.[/b] At present, in Poland, a growing tendency is observed in the incidence of diseases of the lower GI tract. According to estimation data, in Poland, 6,000 stomas are performed annually, and the number of people living with a stoma is about 20,000. The aim of the study was to present the holistic approach of the nursing staff to rehabilitation of patients after stoma surgery, taking into account the recommended physical exercises and rehabilitation in the sexual and psychosocial spheres. [b]Description of expertise.[/b] Rehabilitation is a process that aims to reduce the mismatch of physical, mental, social and professional life caused by the disease or the effect of its treatment. It is recommended that patients treated for intestinal diseases, especially due to cancer of the colon, participate in various forms of rehabilitation. Patients treated surgically, who have an artificial anus, should undergo physical rehabilitation which must begin in the pre-surgery period. To ensure the patient’s psychological wellbeing, the nurse should inform and explain to the patient what will be happening to him or her in the subsequent stages of recovery, which will reinforce the sense of security, alleviate tension and negative emotions of the patient. Sexual rehabilitation can take place both in the physical and mental spheres, which depends on the extent and degree of treatment. It is often enough to talk and explain the problems in the presence of a partner and a competent person, such as, a therapist. What is of great importance for the success of the therapy are the feelings and personal propriety of the partner. [b]Summary[/b]. Comprehensive rehabilitation of patients with a stoma should be implemented in the physical, biological, psychological and social sphere of the patient.

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Anna Ławnik


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