Site Selection for Public Parking In Shiraz City (Case Study of District 6 of Shiraz)

Journal Title: Journal of Science and today’s world - Year 2014, Vol 3, Issue 7


creating new public service cenners requires high costs and determining the optimal site ior them in a way that all the citizens eilectively beneilt irom them is neces- sary.Puhllc parking as one oithe important components oia modern urban transporta- tion system has the duty of providing levels Inr removing stationary traiilc from urban connection system and consequently reducing the crowds and traiilc lams in the city center. Puhllc parking is one oi such service centers; due to rise in the puparion and improper growth oi the clues on one hand and increase in the number oi cars on the other hand, creating public parking as one fifth: eiiecuve strategies in reducing traiilc in central areas or cities can be taken into consideraflonIhe problem or the shortage oistopping place ior vehicles, especially in central areas onbe city, exists in most of the big cities. public parking as one oi the imponant components oi a modern urban transportation system has the duty oi providing levels fur removing stationary traiilc irom urban connection system and consequently reducing on-sueet parking and indi- rectly increasing the width ortbe streers and flow oi the traiilc.

Authors and Affiliations

Nazila Nazarboland, Bahram Izadi


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