Status of hydrogen fuel cell vehicle and its battery

Journal Title: Progress in Energy & Fuels - Year 2017, Vol 6, Issue 1


New Energy fuel cell,It is a hydraulic7 Fire and nuclear power generation, etc. Next Generation technology after,is asignited with electrochemical Conversion of the chemical energy of the fuel and oxidizer into an efficient continuous power plant with electrical energy.Because the rationale for this device is the primary battery reaction without involving burning,so its energy conversion efficiency is not affected by the Carnot Loop Restrictions,theoretical efficiency is up to 90%,The actual efficiency is normal internal combustion engine 2-3 times .other,It also has fuel diversity,Low noise,Less environmental pollution,Benefits of good reliability and maintainability.Fire material Battery as new car power source,has been considered a strategic product by the world's major industrial countries.

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Xio xiumei


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