Study of depression among parents and patients of type 1 diabetes mellitus and it's correlation with glycemic control

Journal Title: Medpulse International Journal of Pediatrics - Year 2017, Vol 4, Issue 2


Background: The study was conducted in endocrine and diabetes division with following objectives 1. To analyze presence of depressive symptoms among parents of type1 DM patients. 2. To analyze presence of depressive symptoms among type1 DM patients. 3. Examine correlation between depression in parents and glycemic control of patients. Methods: Thirty-Two parents and children (M=14, F=18) completed self-report questionnaires. Beck Depression inventory (BDI-II) was used to assess depression among parents. Centre for epidemiological studies depression scale for children (CES-DC) was used for assessment of depression in children with type 1 DM. HbA1C value done within last 3 months was also recorded in the predecided proforma along with other details. Correlation statistics used for analysis of relationship between depression grade and HbA1c. Results: 72 % of parents had depressive symptoms. Parents with severe depression were 34% among depressed parents. Only 23% of children reported symptoms which were falling in depression category. There was strong correlation between grade of depression in parent and HbA1c of child (p <0.001). Conclusions: According to our study there is significant prevalence of depression among parents of type 1 DM children. Depressive symptoms among parents negatively influence glycemic control in patient of type 1 DM.

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Aniket Kumbhojkar


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