Survey of Social factors Effective on discontinuation of innovation in rural areas (Case Study: Drip irrigation Technology in Lorestan)

Journal Title: Journal of Science and today’s world - Year 2013, Vol 2, Issue 5


Drip irrigation technology considered innovation in the domain of agriculture which its acceptance on behalf of farmers due to various factors of its particular adjustment goes back to climatic and social conditions. The current paper is outcome result from research findings with recognition goal in lack of continual innovation acceptance of drip irrigation in five villages’ rural district of Tangh-e-Siab located in township of Kohdasht in province of Lorestan. Research information has collected with utilize semi-organized interview techniques, observation (participation and non-participation) and target sampling approach. The findings of research shows that the most important effective factors on lack of continual innovation acceptance of drip irrigation (drip irrigation) in society under study are consist of: Farmers low income, low operating trainin and specialized skill (lack of adequate attention to training and promotion), problems in exploitation from water’s joint ownership, weakness in mutual understanding among users, insufficiency of distributed water, high cost and low efficiency technology, lack of proper technology with surrounding conditions of the region, insufficient government support form users. Generally, in the society under study lack of continual innovation acceptance have been particularly impressed from social factors such as; little involvement of villagers, individual and tribal dispute in utilization, lack of existence of local guiding organizations and inattentiveness of farmers to inefficiency of irrigation network has been low regard to native knowledge of farmers which would hope in promotion and training affair to be considered seriously.

Authors and Affiliations

Mosa Anbari, Rahman Bagheri, Hanieh Davodi


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