Journal Title: Exercise and Quality of Life - Year 2016, Vol 8, Issue 1


The subject of this study are metric characteristics of specific football tests. 27 football players chronorogical age of 13-15 years, apropos categories of elder pioneers from HNK Cibalia Vinkovci, Croatia. The participants had to go through specific tests with the ball: 20 m sprint, zig-zag, slalom, and 9-3-6-3-9 test. We can conclude that all four variables are highly reliable. The homogeneity of the measuring instrument is good (20 ml) and excellent( zig-zag L, slalom L, 93639 L), and results of skewness and kurtosis further show good sensibility of the measuring instrument, with the exception 20 m L2 variable, which is positive asymmetrically distributed and elongated. The correlation of particles with first main component, which is second condition for homogeneity of the measuring instrument, points on high homogeneity of all tests. Regular distribution of all test implies on satisfactory reception of all four tests for assessing the speed and agility. The factor analysis has given one significant component and the amount of explanied variance and size of characteristic valuables are high, so we could confirm also factorial validitiy of tests. The results of the variance analysis (ANOVA) conclude that the tests are pragmatically valid, and they distinguish players from different playing lines.

Authors and Affiliations

Marko Erceg, Alen Miletić, Frane Žuvela, Mirjana Milić


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Marko Erceg, Alen Miletić, Frane Žuvela, Mirjana Milić (2016). THE METRIC CHARACTERISTICS OF SPECIFIC SPEED AND AGILITY TESTS IN YOUTH SOCCER PLAYERS. Exercise and Quality of Life, 8(1), 19-19.