The Reflection of the Different Spiritual Imagery in MarzbanNameh

Journal Title: International Research Journal of Applied and Basic Sciences - Year 2016, Vol 10, Issue 4


MarzbanNameh is one of the undisputed masterpieces of Persian language and literature in the ornate terminology of prose. It is the book that the author states with animals' language and tongue. In many cases the author pays attention to different types of imagery and the ornamentation of speech with imagery and allusion sayings, Hadith, proverbs, Arabic and Persian poetries which go beyond the conventional imagery prose and take the pleasant form. This book is full of the various figures of speech including: rhyme and rhythm, all pun types and also different forms of spiritual imagery like: paradox, symmetry and rhetorical question, and the verbal thought-provoking rhetorical tricks such as simile, metaphor, and metonymy. Among the different figures of speech, the author has used the paradox and rhetorical question and symmetry most of all. This article aims to investigate the different spiritual imagery in this great book.

Authors and Affiliations

Asgar Salahi| Assistant Professor of Persian language and literature Of Literature and Foreign Languages Faculty, University of MohagheghArdabili, Ardabil, Iran., Tohid Naderi| MA in Persian Language and literature


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