The trends in the development of the hr management system at the enterprise


The article deals with the individual tendencies of the development of the HR management system at the enterprises of Ukraine in the conditions of realization of the scientific developments. Thus, it should be emphasized that the use of the conceptual model of HR motivation management in conditions of innovation activity proposed by the researchers will promote more effective use of the professionalism and creativity of the staff and will also stimulate the growth of the innovation activity of the enterprises with the further increase of the efficiency of their manufacturing. It is emphasized that there is the urgent necessity of the development of the Model Regulations about corporate culture at the enterprises of the certain branches. At the conditions of applications when the advanced corporation (organizational) culture is formed, the common goal-oriented corporate values are kept at the enterprise, that helps to the solving of the problems and progress. It has been found that the difficulties connected with the employment of future employee without practical experience, particularly young specialists, can be avoided if it will be organized special education at the enterprise, for what it is useful to apply, in particular, Japanese experience with adaptation. The evolution of intellectual capital in the social formations was analyzed. It is established that due to the transformation to the independent factor of production, it is important to increase intellectual capital, and then it is necessary to ensure its high efficiency according to the established by the scientists regularities. It is found that the realization at the industrial practice of the proposed attributive management structure, that will demonstrate trinity combining training the staff within the three subsystems: human, professional, constant (and social) progress, respectively, at the basic, high and the highest levels of HR management.

Authors and Affiliations

Lidiia Ivanivna Telyshevska, V. Uspalenko


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