Theoretical and legal characteristics of the institute of gender-legal expertise: domestic and foreign experience


The article examines the main aspects of the institute for gender legal expertise in Ukraine through the prism of European experience. The domestic and European experience of carrying out gender legal expertise have been analyzed and the author's own definition of stages of the implementation of gender legal expertise in order to form gender parity among men and women has been given. Ukraine is only shaping gender equality in the subconscious of people, which is the key to new thinking, building a new democratic state with a new political and legal mechanism for ensuring equal rights, opportunities and responsibilities for men and women, as required by international (international) standards for the protection of rights man. Scientific approaches classifications of the stages of the implementation of the gender legal expertise have been analyzed. It is consider from 3 to 10 stages. Gender legal expertise is an important tool for the state and civil society to influence gender equality in men and women in all spheres of life. It must be careful implementation of the gender expertise of the current legislation and draft legal acts to eliminate and avoid the adoption of discriminatory norms at the legislative level, which will ensure the creation of favorable conditions for the formation of gender consciousness among people from the very beginning of the establishment of gender equality in the state.

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Iryna Grytsai


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