Seepage analysis in body and foundation of Dam using the Seep/3D and Seep/W

Journal Title: Journal of Science and today’s world - Year 2014, Vol 3, Issue 10


The matter of seepage is one of important issues in earth dams which if exceeds from a certain amount the destruction of dam is probable. Despite the studies before construction done by consulting engineers the hydraulic behavior of body and foundation cannot be predicted. In order to understand the function of these softwares by considering geotechnical data and permeability coefficients test results in local Lojan and Lofran tests performed on Kamal Saleh earth dam located at Markazi province of Iran dewatered form about 5 years ago. The actual topography of dam site is modeled in finite element method of package Seep 3D by considering faults and actual permeability coefficients measured in location and foundation and left and right abutment in the case of our study and nonlinear analysis in study state is used to calculate the seepage of flow. Different methods is presented to calculate and determine flow rate in downstream toe in earth dam with/without filter. In this paper packege Seep/w used to calculate the body seepage of Kamal Saleh dam. The seepage flow rate in the modeling of left abutment with complication of faults and sliding zones is higher than above-mentioned states for unit width.

Authors and Affiliations

Mahmoud Asadi, Jahangir Khazaei


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