A Comparison of Chewing Movements of Individuals with Normal Occlusion by the Patients with Orthodontic Abnormalities During Treatment Progress

Journal Title: Meandros Medical and Dental Journal - Year 2019, Vol 20, Issue 1


Objective: Comparison of chewing movements of individuals with normal occlusion and those with orthodontic anomalies under treatment. Materials and Methods: This is a prospective clinical study carried out on a total of 63 individuals, including 43 patients with malocclusion and an average age of 16.79 years, whose growth and development were partially complete and 20 individuals with normal occlusion and an average age of 24.77 years. Subjects with normal occlusion have not any orthodontic treatment history. Results: There were significant differences in chewing occlusion times (p<0.05) and opening and closing times (p<0.01). Furthermore, significant differences were also found in modification results of class 1 (p<0.05) and class 2 (p<0.01) malocclusions. Conclusion: Repositioning of the teeth in chewing movements obtained at the onset of orthodontic treatments tends to change within the end of the 6-month period from the onset of the treatment in individuals with malocclusion.

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Bilgin Giray


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