Clinical profile of testicular maldescend at a tertiary care hospital

Journal Title: Medpulse International Journal of Surgery - Year 2018, Vol 7, Issue 1


Background: The undescended testis are linked to range of health problems and conditions later in life. The undescended testicles carry 20-48 times higher potential for malignant transformation than the normally descended testicle. Aim: To study the clinical profile of maldescended testis. Material and Methods: This prospective observational study included 40 cases of maldescended testis. A careful and detailed history was obtained. A thorough clinical examination was performed on these children and the presence of undescended testis was documented. The genitalia of each patient were thoroughly examined for the presence of abnormalities. Results: Majority of the cases of the undescended testes were up to the age 5 years. Total number of the cases in this age group were 30, out of which 12 had right and 15 left sided and 3 bilateral undescended testes.A total of 28 (70%) of cases were presented with chief complaints of empty scrotum. One patient presented as mass in inguinal region. Seven (17.5%) cases were presented with swelling in inguino-scrotal region. Four (10%) of cases were accidently detected. Conclusion: Most of the undescended testis present before 5 years of age with patients complain of empty scrotum. Few cases which are not picked up by the parents and are diagnosed during paediatric check-up.

Authors and Affiliations

Sarang Vasudev Dhavale, Vasim Mahibub Mulla


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