Conical Shape Antenna with Circular Slots for Ultra Wideband Applications


In this paper an ultra wideband of conical shaped with different configurations are designed and simulated. The antenna is printed on FR4 dielectric substrate of dimensions 42 mm X 42 mm X 1.5 mm. conical shape using as a stub with circular slot etched on the ground plane, with microstrip line and CPW fed. The results shows a good bandwidth impedance below (S11< -10 dB) for the ultra wideband UWB range from 3.1-10.6 GHz. Parametric study is done to optimize these antennas to be fit with UWB wireless applications.

Authors and Affiliations

Ahmed H. Al-Shaheen| Misan University, College of Mrdicine, Physiology Department Amara, Misan, Iraq [email protected]


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