Contradictions and Their Consequences in the Labour Market in Ukraine

Journal Title: Бізнес Інформ - Year 2014, Vol 3, Issue 0


The article considers modern tendencies of the Ukrainian labour market and the most critical contradictions connected with the methods of their regulation. Urgency of study of problems of appearance of inconsistencies is caused by strengthening of social tension, which covered the Ukrainian labour market recently. The goal of the study is identification of modern contradictions of the labour market, which cause the biggest response in the society, and search for such regulation instruments, which would reduce negative manifestation of these contradictions. The following contradictions are quite frequent nowadays: considerable dependence of the whole economy on political solutions, when decisions made by the power are inconsistent; small volume of financing of the production sphere, due to which production assets deteriorate fast; critical demographic situation and asymmetric allocation of production facilities; rather big number of disengaged workers of the production sphere; low wages in the majority of spheres of economic activity and many other contradictions. In order to solve existing inconsistencies in general, state bodies apply adjustments only, but a more effective method is combination of state instruments of regulation and market instruments. Since there is a big number of contradictions in the market of labour, each of them should have relevant individual instruments, but with consideration of other problem issues in order not to aggravate the existing situation. Drawing the conclusion it should be noted that regulation of the labour market requires search for compromises between the market principles of regulation and state measures on avoiding the existing contradictions or minimisation of their negative impact on formation, functioning and development of the modern labour market.

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Oleksii Yermolenko


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