Expectations of families of patients suffering from chronic diseases with respect to their nursing care providers

Journal Title: Medycyna Ogólna i Nauki o Zdrowiu - Year 2012, Vol 18, Issue 3


Introduction: Patients remain in the focus of a nurse’s work, therefore it is important to know their social expectations with respect to the care provided.Objective: Recognition of the expectations of family members of chronically ill patients with respect to their nursing care providers.Material and method: The study covered 100 family members of patients hospitalized in a Residential Care Facility; aged 18-78, mean age 48.5. The research instrument was a self-designed questionnaire containing items related to the expectations of family members of patients suffering from chronic diseases, and nursing care received by these patients.Results: Family members considered nursing care as the most important occupational function of nurses (92%), followed by rehabilitation (57%), and therapeutic function (54%), while the most important tasks within individual functions indicated by the respondents were: maintaining body hygiene (100%), education of patients in self-care in activities of daily living (72%), prevention of effects of long-term immobilization (71%), motivating patients to independence (69 %), monitoring of the measurements of basic life functions (76%), and administration of medications (70%). The majority of respondents expected information concerning the patient’s state of health and nursing care provided (72%), whereas only 7% of respondents expected information pertaining to social services available.Conclusion: In the opinions of respondents, the provision of body hygiene, preparation of a patient for self-care, and alleviation of pain and suffering were the most important elements of nursing care.Key words: nurse, chronically ill patient, families’ expectations

Authors and Affiliations

Barbara Gugała, Anna Iwanicka –Maciura, Elżbieta Mryczko


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