Lived Experiences of Remote-Working Employees in The COVID -19 Pandemic

Journal Title: Journal of Human Resource Studies - Year 2022, Vol 11, Issue 4


Background & Purpose: Due to the epidemic of Corona virus and creating challenges in the world, organizations have also changed, and accepting remote-working is one of the most important challenges facing employees. The purpose of this study is to investigate the lived experience of employees during the existence of this pervasive disease. Methodology: This study is qualitative research with an exploratory goal adopting a phenomenological approach. The study population included employees affected by the outbreak of the Covid 19 pandemic and its consequences such as social distancing, who were required to do most of their work through remote-working. 47 members of the study population were interviewed using purposive sampling. Findings: The research results were classified into three main themes and ten sub-themes. The main themes of the research are individual factors, family factors, and organizational factors. The individual-level includes physical and mental injuries, psychological and social changes, and learning and personal development. The family level also contains opportunities to improve family relationships, family challenges, and financial resilience. Remote-working infrastructure, job perceptions, remote-working management, and attitude/needs new work were also addressed to the organizational level. Conclusion: Due to the emergence of corona epidemics, the study of its consequences in the field of remote-working is also in the early stages of development; however, the extracted factors affect the activities of employees, and it is necessary to pay attention to them to promote the activities of employees.

Authors and Affiliations

vahid makizadeh; Fatemeh Sharaei; maryam nekooeezade


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