Overview of the female population, members of the Amazons Club and analysis of their work and financial situation before and after mastectomy

Journal Title: Medycyna Ogólna i Nauki o Zdrowiu - Year 2013, Vol 19, Issue 3


Introduction: In Poland and worldwide, breast cancer is the most common malignancy among women. Every 14 women will contract the disease in their lifetime. Women struggling with breast cancer are called the Amazons. The Amazons women formed self-help, non-medical clubs. Objective: Overview of the female population, members of the Tarnowski Amazons Club and evaluation of their occupational lives. Material and methods: The study included 60 women who were asked to complete a questionnaire form designed by the author. Results: The average age of respondents was 61.28 years, while the average age for mastectomy surgery was 51.28 years. Over 95% of patients had undergone radical mastectomy. Nearly a half of respondents (48.3%) declared university, and 36.7% secondary education. Almost 80% of the women performed work in accordance with their education. Before surgery, 75% of the women were occupationally active. Approximately 60% of the women described their material standard prior to surgery as average (e.g. they can afford basic expenses). After surgery for breast cancer, 41.7% of the women did not return to work. As many as 48.3% of the women found that after breast surgery their financial situation deteriorated. Among the women who returned to occupational activity, 48.3% talked with their colleagues about the disease, and nearly 42% informed only few co-workers. Conclusions: The Amazons clubs associate women with higher and secondary education, occupationally active, living in urban areas. After the surgery, the attitude to the Amazons in the workplace does not significantly change, and many women could count on support from their colleagues. Only 20% of the women are clearly satisfied with their occupational activity after mastectomy, and more than a half find this activity lower, compared to that before therapy for cancer.Key words: quality of life, work situation, mastectomy, female, breast cancer, support groups

Authors and Affiliations

Anna Pacian, Ewa Pakuła, Sylwia Gomółka, Janusz Kraczkowski


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