Peculiarities of police personnel management of foreign countries


The article deals with peculiarities of personnel management police authorities of foreign countries. The author draws attention to the main features of qualitative training of police personnel developed foreign countries and the possibility of using the positive experience in Ukraine. The bulk of the police personnel are persons who took oath is committed to fulfill the duties of law enforcement. They are usually given special ranks and they serve according to specific rules. Members of the police forces of foreign countries with developed police system, as a specific professional group, features complex internal differentiation. Analyzing the legislation of foreign countries with developed police system which regulates the status of the police, we note that regulations establish the duty of the police in the order of subordination, on its own initiative or at the request of another person and to take all necessary legal measures to combat and prevent the offense, to promote in this state or regional administration and the judiciary, as well as provide assistance to anyone who is in danger.

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Yevgen Kobko


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