Religious policy of Shah Sultan Hossein

Journal Title: Journal of Science and today’s world - Year 2016, Vol 5, Issue 9


In this article, religious policy of Shah Sultan Hossein was studied and there has been tried to consider the results of Shah Sultan Hossein's religious policy. With help of scholars, they wanted to build a secure base for Shiite scholars and they were very crackdown to achieve this goal. They knew the main task of themselves the pressuring and harassing Sunnis and followers of other religions. Thus, since Shah Solomon, freedom of Shah Abbas era was generally ignored and in the era of Shah Sultan Hossein, there were inhuman behaviors including humiliation, contempt, and even murder. So Jews and Sunnis saw the falling of this dynasty and the rise of Nader Shah Afshar as a heavenly gift. These strict conditions were the reason of collapse of Safavid rule and the destruction of the religious governments in Iran.

Authors and Affiliations

Sarah shohani, Seyed Mohammad Taheri Moghadam


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