International Journal of Research in Teaching Turkish (IJRTT)

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Electronic ISSN: 2791-7045

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  • Publisher: Mustafa Durmuş
  • Country: turkey
  • Date added to EuroPub 2022/Jan/03

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LCC Subject Category: Language Education

Publisher's keywords: teaching Turkish as a foreign/additional language, teaching Turkish for specific purposes, teaching Turkish as a first language, teaching Turkish to bilinguals, teaching Turkish to people of Turkic origin, Turkish language teachers’ training and education, teaching techniques, program development in language teaching, assessment and evaluation in grammar teaching, computer assisted language teaching, blended teaching, language teaching and linguistics, language teaching and literature, language teaching and culture, classroom management, discourse and interaction in language teaching classroom, learning psychology, methods in language teaching research, listening skills, speaking skills, reading skills, writing skills, grammar in language teaching

  • Language of fulltext: turkish, english
  • Time from submission to publication: 8 Weeks

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  • Type of License: CC BY
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