The activities of the Pentecostal from Slavyansk during the war years 2014-2015

Journal Title: Eminak - Year 2016, Vol 1, Issue 2


Karpitsky Nikolai The activities of the Pentecostal from Slavyansk during the war years 2014-2015 This article examines the activities of Pentecostal churches in the city of Slavyansk in wartime 2014-2015. Pro-Russian insurgents had captured Slavyansk on 12 April 2014. The city was recaptured on 5 July 2014. During this period the Pro-Russian separatists persecuted of the Christians. The Pentecostal Church has suffered greatly from persecution. The Pro-Russian separatists killed four Christians out of the Church «Transfiguration of God» and captured the church building «Good News». The separatists did not understand a Protestant ethic and attitude to the Pentecostals as enemies. The article analyzes the concept of the Protestant work ethic of Max Weber. This explains how the Protestant work ethic has influenced the lives of Pentecostal Slavyansk before the war and during the war. The article shows the transition from work ethics to the ethics of selfless service. The social service and volunteer activities of the Pentecostals from Slavyansk during the war is explained on the basis of the selfless service ethic. The article discusses the three periods of the social service of the Pentecostals after the liberation of Slavyansk. In the conclusions of the article are shown a new meaning to the ethic of selfless service in relation to the Protestant work ethic.

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Nikolai Karpitsky


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