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IbneFarshid and the mystical "Haghighat Mohammadi"

IbneFarshid and the mystical "Haghighat Mohammadi"

Authors: Parivash Malaki| M.A. Arab Language and Literature, Islamic Azad University of Garmsar-Iran, email: [email protected]
Year: 2017, Volume: 11, Number: 2

Ibn Farez Egyptian is the greatest poet of Arabic and contemporary Ibn Arabi, he has been nicknamed Sultan alAlashakin. His poetry is the culmination of the mystic language and mystical experiences. His Divan is, despite the small volume of the most famous Arabic dialects, in which there are many outstanding mystical concepts that contain the material and truth that Allah Almighty in the hearts of the believers and others Bonded. One of these stories is a Mohammadi truth in order to better understand and recognize the pleasures and truths that this mystic has achieved and speaks of it in poetry.The importance of the mystical themes of the poetry of Ibne Farz is enough to be explained and interpreted by the great mystics such as Qaisari, Ibn T?rek, Jami and Farghani, as well as Sheikh Hasan alBourini (1024 AH, 1615 AD), based on apparent meanings His Divan has a literary, literary, and scriptural account, and the most famous Sufi description of this is Abdul Ghani AlNabaldi (1143, 1730). And Rashid ibn Ghalib alDahadah combines the two abovementioned descriptions, and his book has been published on many occasions. Therefore, the analysis of this process is necessary. In this article, through reflection on the biographies of "Ibn FarzaseMasri" and his poems, he examined the "truth of Mohammadi".

Keywords: Ibn Farez, Mostaelh Erfani, Haghighat Mohammadi, Spirit

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